Friday, February 19, 2010

I Should Have Died! Introduction/Teaser

For the next post, and scattered posts to follow, I will highlight some of my more bizarre experiences. As my close friends know, I have often found myself in strange, unlikely, hilariously funny, often extremely dangerous circumstances. One of my best friends have repeatedly requested that I document these odd little anecdotes. I have been speaking with another friend who is a visual artist, and hope to turn these little stories into a graphic novel or web comic. For now, I'd like to just start getting them down.

The most dramatic story is my earliest full-narrative memory, of when I drank gasoline at the age of 3. I'm sure family members may be able to offer editorial comment on my surely faulty memories, and I offer the disclaimer that I will almost definitely omit, alter, or create details in this series of mini-memoirs. However, I assure you all that any over-illustration is purely inadvertent, and a result of subconscious processes, not a willful choice to prevaricate or make the story "more interesting" a la "A Million Little Pieces".

So, stay tuned for my next post, I Should Have Died #1, "Gulp, Gulp, Gulp!"